The park was located near the intersection of 63rd and Northwest Expressway. Just west of 63rd was a new drive called Wedgewood Drive. This street became the road which travelled along the side of the Tornado with parking in the back. An aerial view shows the park in the mid 60's. The drop off point and entrance was to the west of the park off of N.W. Expressway. This entrance featured a bridge at the gate. Once you got through the gate, to the left was the Safari boat ride, which traversed the river. Once you walked a bit further down the walk way, you no doubt noticed the largest swimming pool (more pictures to come on the pool) in Oklahoma City on the left! Notice the ominous Tornado Coaster in the background. Alittle further into the park, and alas...the midway! One major feature of the park and a true landmark was the infamous dome. This structure housed the bumper cars before they were moved over by the Turnpike. Then it became a concession area. The rest of the park featured many rides and attractions. One must realize that at the time, Wedgewood was the largest venue for concerts. They showcased The Who, Herman Hermits and The Dave Clark Five to name a few. Browse the site and you'll see some nostalgic images.

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